Shopping – Style and Sustainability

Put on the panniers, hook up the trailer, come on the cargo bike – let’s go shopping!  🛍️ 🚴‍♂️ 🏬 🚴🏽‍♀️

Food gathering in a sustainable and ecologically minded way is changing habits.  Plastic packaging, food ingredients (ethical sourcing and quality), wastage, and travel carbon emissions all influence our choices.  🌏

Join us on a central city ride to visit five local businesses, hearing from each their story of sustainability, resilience, and locality: a bookshop, brewery, coffee roaster, health and wholefood store, and a fruit and vegetable shop that’s fast becoming a healthy food cafe.  There will be an optional lunch at the Fermentist (own cost).  See the route map below.

Gather from 9:30 am in Edgeware Village for a 9:45 start.  Please be sure to register below.

Sustainable Shop - stop locations and their stories

Crisp - Real Fruit Parlour

Simon Lau at Crisp took over from the Edgeware Produce Store prior to the 2010 earthquakes. It traded from a temporary canopy location in the car parking area following the earthquakes for a period of 2 years whilst the complex was extensively repaired. With the closure of a large video store Crisp expanded into the main store area, then in 2019 expanded into a wedding outfitting boutique to open Real Fruit Parlour.

Piko Wholefoods

Piko Wholefoods is a workers co-operative and charitable trust. We have a strong ethos of keeping our environmental footprint as low as possible. We have a strong sense of social responsibility. We know the practical benefits and affordability of nutrient dense, wholefood eating for physical and mental health.

In 1979 Piko Wholefoods opened as a tiny dairy to sell organic produce grown by local people in the Avon Loop area. Locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, organic grains, seeds, nuts and pulses were supplied to the shop in bulk for customers to purchase without packaging. Flour and other locally milled products became available for sale too with an increasing amount being also certified organic.

Scorpio Books

Scorpio Books is famous as one of the city’s best independent bookshops, and has long been a part of the fabric of the inner city. Dave Cameron, the owner of Scorpio, bought the business in the 1970s. The bookshop had been called ‘Pisces’ and had been around since the 1960s on Oxford Terrace. After purchasing, Dave changed the name of the business to his own star sign, ‘Scorpio’. There’s an impressive selection of New Zealand literature and specialty magazines, and a hearty collection of art books as well. You’ll also find a children’s literature area, perfect for keeping young ones entertained and interested in literature.

Prima Roastery

Our new roastery and cafe at 387 Brougham Street is OPEN, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm! Come on in for a coffee, a bite to eat and some beans for home (in your own container for $1 off). We've got your home espresso and brew equipment bases covered as well.  Tucked in between the Port Hills and the Pacific, since 1995 our team have been here working, dedicated to their craft, customers and community. Coffee is our passion, making it sustainable is our focus...

The Fermentist

We started building the Brewery in 2017, and opened the doors of the Taproom in June 2018. Right from the outset we have tried to challenge ourselves in the way we run both the Brewery and the Taproom.

With the Brewery and Taproom we wanted to commit to positive environmental and social processes, so looked at everything through a sustainability lens. From solar panels that power our fully electric brewery, to locally sourcing of brewing ingredients, to water efficiency initiatives, and community restorative river projects, we are continually working to improve our practices. Our taproom brings this to life by serving a more sustainable menu, with locally sourced produce as well as ingredients from our onsite and entirely edible garden. We are proud to be a member of the bustling community of Sydenham, Christchurch. This vibrant suburb continues to grow, and we love being right at the heart of that redevelopment.

Event Details
  • Start Date
    October 10, 2020 9:30 am
  • End Date
    October 10, 2020 1:00 pm
  • Address
    Crisp on Edgeware, 1066 Colombo Street
  • Suitability


  • Cost

    Free (except for optional lunch)

  • What To Bring

    You, your bike, bike lock, reusable shopping bags and containers; dress for the weather

  • Cancellations

    If wet, postponed to Sat Oct 17 (check FB listing for updates)