MyPassport Help

Use MyPassport to participate in the Passport Competition or One-Day Challenge

It works like a Google Map, showing all the Passport Destinations (shops, cafes, etc) you can ride to!

MyPassport also keeps track of your visits and passport “stamps”.  The more destinations you visit, the more chance you have of winning a prize!

Note you will need a mobile device and data plan to use MyPassport on the road. 

(Click here to find out more details about the Passport Competitions)

Each map pin is a destination.  (Enlarge the map to see the destination names)

Tap   to show/hide the cycle lanes.

Tap    to show/hide your current location.  (You’ll be asked to allow your location to be used)

When you click on a pin, you’ll automatically be taken to the I’m here screen to enter the destination’s code.  You’ll collect a passport stamp for each destination you visit!

(The first time you try to enter a code, you’ll be asked to login using your Google or Facebook account)

Once you collect a stamp, the destination will appear as a blue pin on the map.

You can also tap on Details to see more information about the Destination including opening times.

Tap My Passport on the main map page to see your progress so far:

  • how many destinations you’ve visited
  • how many more you can still ride to
  • all the passport stamps you’ve collected

The more stamps you collect, the more prizes you could win!  🏆🏆🏆

Tap Destinations on the map page to see a list of places you have not yet visited.   You can see the list in alphabetical order or tap Closest to see the destinations that are nearest to you.

(Note you will be asked to allow your location to be used to provide the list sorted by closest destination)

Below this is another list of places for which you’ve already received a stamp.

Tapping on a destination in the list will move the map to that location plus show you the detail information for the destination.

And that’s all there is to it!

The more Destinations you visit, the better
your chances of winning prizes!

So on your bike – and don’t forget to take your mobile!

🚴‍♂️       📱        😎

If you have any problems using MyPassport, please email