MyPassport for Kids

Kids – Get your parent or guardian to sign you up for the Kids Passport Competition!

To enter, you must be 12 years old or younger and have an adult with you while riding.

(If you’re 13 or older, you can enter the main competition with a Google or Facebook login)

Step 1:

Get your adult to:

  • Go to the MyPassport page
  • Tap on My Passport and make sure they are signed in
  • Tap on My Kids
  • Tap on Add a Child
  • Enter the child’s first and last name and age

Step 2:

  • Your adult will see a QR code on their device
  • Scan this on your (child’s) device by:
    • if you have an iPhone or Android 8+ device
      open the camera app, focus on the QR code, then tap the address shown
    • if you have an older Android device
      use a QR code reader such as QR & Barcode Scanner

Alternative to QR code

If you can’t get QR code scanning to work:

  • Get your adult to tap on Use PIN (bottom of QR code screen)
  • On your (child’s) device, use a web browser and go to
  • Enter the PIN code into your device from your adult’s screen

Great – now you’ll be in the Kids Competition!

The more Destinations you visit, the better your chances of winning prizes!

Kids remember – always cycle with an adult

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If you have any problems using MyPassport, please email