2021 Event

September 25, 2021
Tell us about your favourite route to study, work or wherever!
October 1, 2021
Make sure your ride is safe and sound
October 3, 2021
Get help to fix up your bike or a bike for someone else
October 9, 2021
Why not cycle to some of the heritage events?
October 20, 2021
A faster and longer ride to Prebbleton
October 20, 2021
A slow ride ride along the Southern Motorway Path to Wigram
October 21, 2021
A guided bike tour of three early Christchurch cemeteries
October 21, 2021
Cycling lessons for former refugee and migrant women
October 21, 2021
Free bike repairs every Thursday afternoon!
October 23, 2021
Cycle east for a day discovering our playground around the river to the coast